Festival of Britain. Blyth Gallery. London. 2014.   Text

MDF/acrylic paint/cooked plants/electric fireplace.

We Only Came For The Free Beer + Diner Scene. 2013.

84x118cm. Ink on paper.

Vaudoux Follies feat. Scott Daniel Faulkner. London. 2011.  Text

Evian/Nivea/dust/acrylic paint/latex balloons/photograph.

Idiom. Vyner Street. London. 2010.

Coal dust/flour sieved directly onto the floor.

Cast acrylic paintings. 2008-2011.

Approx 21x30cm. Acrylic paint.

So Lonely On a Limb. Wimbledon. 2008.

Dust/shirt threads/ink on paper.